GOOD MORNING FLOWER FRIENDS! The time has arrived to announce what on earth I have been up to over here at my new Flower Belle Boutique located on 42 Washington Street in Mystic, CT.

Our grand opening celebration and special ribbon cutting held with The Mystic Chamber of Commerce will be held on Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 beginning at 4pm ending at 8pm. Don't miss the ribbon part at 4:30pm folks, that's the best part!

This date of August 7th was chosen by me. It is my tribute to my grandmother Delores Duthrie. It will be one year that day that she went to heaven. I wanted this day to reflect her influence on me. She and all of my grandparents encouraged me to believe in myself, that no idea is a crazy idea, and to work hard! I believe her light will be shining extra bright on this day.

Flower Belle Boutique will be open for business to follow for the evening with our sales team ready to assist your with a one-of-a-kind experience that provides you with fabulous and funky flowers sold PER STEM! Pick a unique vessel or choose from our beautiful selection of bouquet paper and ribbons and go grab a seat at the flower or bouquet bar and create your vision! We have made it easy for everyone of all ages! 

Thanks to the most amazing community in the planet our night will be full of joy and music! We have Mystic's sweetheart Dan Watson providing us with awesome tunes, Chapter One sending over some delicious bites, America's number one baker (true story!) Adam Young and his team bringing a sample of Sift Bake Shop's tasty sweets, our friend's at Cove Ledge package store will be driving over in their new addition service van to pour the prosecco toast, Mine and MBar has been gracious enough to allow us parking in their space to make it easy for you, our awesome new neighbor's Puffins will be open for you to peruse their unique interior gifts, AND we are super excited to have a special art series on exhibit by local artist Alicia Piccolo! Flower Belle Boutique is the perfect home for her pieces to be viewed, loved, and sold.

It would not be complete if you did not be the first in town to carry our blossoms home that night! Due to the anticipated volume of guests that evening we are offering you a pre-order signature bouquet here www.theflowerbelle.com. If you all know me the best part is the surprise! I guarantee it will be fresh, fabulous, and ready for you to take home! 

Love & Joy, Flower Belle